12 de abr de 2013

“Congresso dos Kobzares”

Vendo alguns vídeos do Хорея Козацька vi um comentário a respeito do “Congresso dos Kobzares.” Procurando um pouco encontrei essa descrição:

In 1934-1935 in the Charkiv Opera theater was the Congress of folk singers of Ukraine. The aim of congress was the active attraction of all folk singers to the built of socialism, build of new national ideals, etc. There were pronounced resolutions. After that later all musicians was "invited" to the Moscow to the "Congress of folk singers of all USSR" But truly there was not Congress... All musicians were taken bz the trains to the forest and shot by NKVD troops. They were shot with their small blind man's leaders. Their bodies were thrown there and all instruments were burnt. On that Congress were invited all kobzars from different regions of Ukraine. After such murders the tradition of kobzars died..
We don't know how many was killed there..but as Example before the murders in Kyivan region there were 240 kobzars who sang..after the NKVD murders there was none any more..
The tradition of kobza died before WW2. But today Ukraine tries to reborn great tradition to sing with kobza for people.

Adicionalmente: Execution of Ukrainian martyr-singers e também Reflections on a massacre.

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