2 de set de 2009

FC Karpaty Lviv

Interessante o artigo “Ukrainian will, Carpathian pride and the summer of ’69”. Talvez deveria ser traduzido para o português.

Porém, eis um trecho que parece polêmico:
As the head of the local party committee sarcastically remarked, “Perhaps we should add SS to the team name?” referring to SS Galicia, a division of Nazi sympathizers formed in western Ukraine in 1943 to repel the Red Army.

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  1. Obviamente a rapaziada da Divisão Galiza não constituída por simpatizantes nazis, eram os homens que queriam combater os bolsheviques. Sobre isso postei recentemente no meu blogue.

  2. eis a citação:

    Comissão de Investigação dos Crimes de Guerra do Canada (Deschênes Commission) em 1985 – 1986 disse o seguinte:

    While in Italy these men were screened by Soviet and British missions and neither then nor subsequently has any evidence brought to light which would suggest that any of them fought against the Western Allies or engaged in crimes against humanity. Their behaviour since they came to this country has been good and they have never indicated in any way that they are infected with any trace of Nazi ideology.[...]From the reports of the special mission set up by the War Office to screen these men it seems clear that they volunteered to fight against the Red Army from nationalistic motives which were given greater impetus by the behaviour of the Soviet authorities during their earlier occupation of the Western Ukraine after the Nazi-Soviet Pact. Although Communist propaganda has constantly attempted to depict these, like so many other refugees, as "quislings" and "war criminals" it is interesting to note that no specific charges of war crimes have been made by the Soviet or any other Government against any member of this group. (2) [link de verificação]

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